$0 Leakage Claims & Incentive Payouts

Automated Claims, Rebates and Partner Payout Calculation

Every month is a fight to reconcile Partner Payouts. Your Sales Ops is stretched attending to Partner Payout contentions. You write off significant amounts of money in payout discrepancy simply because you just cannot get the calculation right in a high-pressure Partner management situation. Sounds familiar?

CDB’s legendary Partner Claims and Rebate Payout calculation engine is the industry benchmark in Claims calculation. The CDB Engine transposes Shipment, Sell-Thru and Sell-Out data at the relevant Channel Tier, validates each transaction with your Programs/Rebates rules and generates clean and accurate Claims Sheet for each Partner in your Channel.

Backed by Channel Data Collection automation via CDB, we control every aspect of Channel Data procurement with water-tight at source validation. This enables us to calculate and publish Channel Incentives & Claims with an unprecedented level of accuracy and speed of processing.

At the end of the process, clean Claims Sheet verified by OEMs are put up on our Channel Partner portal for verification and electronic acceptance by your Channel Partners, which will automatically trigger electronic fund release.

With this, you can bring down a typical payout lifecycle of at least 3 Man-months of your Sales-Ops operational time to 1 Man-Day. All within 1 day of the data points being made available.

For Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Schemes & Programs

Most OEMs play with Tier 1 Programs because Program Administration, Data Procurement and Claims Calculation & Disbursement below Tier 1 level is very difficult. Channel Data Bridge changes all that with full control of Tier 1 & Tier 2 Channels for Program Administration, Performance Data acquisition and Automated Claims calculation at all levels.

This means you can incentivize your Channel till the final Tier, where the real action is – and reward them directly, on time and accurately.

Purchase / Sell-Out / Stock  & Price Protection

The CDB Claims & Incentive calculation engine works on a wide variety of Incentive Schemes & Programs based on Purchase, Sell-Out, Stock Protection, Price Protection & more.

This can further be demarcated into Regions, PLs, Partner Segments, Product Segments, Seasonal Offers and Time Bound schemes. You can also calculate Incentives for your Sales-Force based on their Partner’s performance.

On-Premise or Outsourced Service
You can process your Claims and Incentives in-house using CDB apps installed in your Sales-Ops PCs or via our expert outsourced services which use your raw data to calculate Claims or procure it from our end directly from Partners and present you with monthly Claims Sheets, validated, verified and emailed to your inbox. That simple!
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