Purchase Sales Inventory Data (PSI) – Direct from Channel Partner

Channel Data Bridge is the leader in Real-Time Secondary Sales & Stock Data Aggregation with Sell Out Data Visibility. Our proven Data Bridge connects to Tier 1 Distributors, Tier 2 Resellers and Tier 3 Retailers apart from Chain Stores & Large Format Retail Stores using our advanced last-mile direct Partner Connect Data Bridge network.

We have an interconnect solution for every Partner situation and infrastructural dependencies. So the most sophisticated Partners using ERPs and small Partners without PCs can submit real-time sales data back to us effortlessly.

With our Channel Connect technologies, Partners can report on business critical Sales Performance without any extra manual effort or intervention, an advantage that is simply revolutionary for business focused Channel Partners who want to focus on their Sales and not on effort intensive reporting back to OEMs & Principles.

Needless to say, hundreds of Partners swear by us for the simplicity with which they can report their sales performance.

Direct ERP Interconnects

CDB can connect to most ERP & Billing Systems used by Channel Partners to seamlessly collect Sales & Stock data from the Source.

This Direct Integration method ensures highest Sales & Stock Data Quality, Completeness & Currentness, while eliminating manual data preparation & reporting work by the Channel Partner.

Accounting System Interconnects

The Channel Data Bridge system can connect directly to most Accounting Systems to enable Push or Pull mode Sales & Stock Data Extraction with minimum-to-NIL Manual intervention.

We support most popular Accounting Systems used by Channel Partners and SMBs in India and South East Asia including Tally, Busy, Wings, Marg, Quickbooks, MYOB & more.

Mobile Channel Data Submission Apps

Equip your Channel Partners and Field Force to submit key Channel Transaction Data including Purchase-Sales-Inventory directly via our custom Channel Data Submission Apps.

Designed specifically for Channel Visibility and Tracking, these Apps integrate in the backend with the CDB engine to cleanse all Data with our industry benchmark validations before presenting your entire Channel to your leadership on their fingertips.

Serial Number Scan-Out Tracking App

Our Serial Number Tracking App allows Channel Partners to easily report Product Sales at a Serial Number Level from OEM Shipment till End Customer Sell Out. The Serial Number is scanned-out at every Sale stage, instantly validated online for Shipment, Purchase, Duplicate Sales and Product Authenticity followed by Stock Update from Seller & Buyer.

Our Process flow ensures Channel Partners only have to scan the SN, with all the other datapoint fulfillment intelligently managed by our Servers. This minimal touchpoint ensures ease-of-use by Channel Partners and hence high compliance.

This App works seamlessly with a wide variety of Handhelds from Entry Level Smartphones to high-end specialist Logistics Handheld devices.

Handheld Wireless Data Collectors

Built for the Channel Management Field Force, Demonstrators in Large Retail Stores and multi-branch Channel Partners, the CDB Handheld Wireless Data Collectors enables key nodes within your Sales Channel to submit data from the road or from any transactional location with no dependency on PCs or mobile phones.

Our Handheld devices are industrial grade and are proven to work under the most demanding situations and provide you amazing Channel Visibility from the most inaccessible locations.

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