Multi-modal Partner Engagement on Web, Call, Email, IVR & SMS

What’s your Partner Connect Maturity?

Do you have an exclusive Partner Portal where Channel Partners can report on and view reports on their performance? A place where Partners can view their on-going Programs and their validity? A place where Partners can view their Incentives for previous months with a clear breakdown of line items?

Do your Partners get an automated message whenever they transact for a specified business KPI? Do they get SMS messages & Emails on the launch of new offers or the withdrawal of existing ones?

Can your Partners use IVR technology to enquire on current Payouts, Product Launch, Programs Validity, Schemes and important performance metrics?

Do your Channel Partners get a daily Transaction Email with their Daily Sales details including tagged validity of each transaction with a relevant live Program or Scheme? Do they get a daily Email warning on their depleting stocks for fast-selling SKUs or status of their latest orders?

Channel Data Bridge can help you with all this and more. With our comprehensive Partner Connect options across Web, Mobile & IVR, your Partners are always close to you and vice-versa. With such comprehensive Partner Support, you get better Partner activity visibility, commitment, loyalty & drive to achieve targets.

Comprehensive Partner Portals

Our Portals are detailed, flexible and Partner focused. As a one-stop platform for connecting to your Partner Community, the Portal can help with:

  Showcasing new Programs and Schemes information for specific Partners.
  Enabling Partner Performance Reports for individual Partners for MTD/WTD/QTD.
  Communicating New Product Launches and Old Product Withdrawals.
  Insightful Business Intelligence for Partners on Market Trends and how they figure in them.

IVR Self-Help Platforms

If Partners don’t have time to access their Partner Portal, then we have a custom IVR accessibility option for Channel Partners that help them access:

  Enquiry of Product Availability from OEMs/Tier 1.
  Information on running Programs or Schemes for a specific SKU.
  Information on top-selling SKUs in their region.
…and much more.
SMS Partner Alert Services

The power of simplicity! Your Partner gets an SMS for:

  Achievement of Sales Targets for a particular SKU/Scheme/Program.
  New Programs/Scheme Launches
  Flash Sales/Price Drop schemes
  Daily Sales Performance Summary
  Changes in assigned ASM/RM/AM details with their Contact Details.
...and much more.
Detailed Daily or Live Email Reports & Alerts

Enable Daily detailed emails on KPIs for your Partners & Sales Force including:

  Daily Scheme/Program tagged Sales Summary for Partners.
  Month End Summary for all validated transactions.
  Alert Emails on expiring Contracts
…and much more.
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