With Instant Warranty Creation – we're not kidding!

Do you know your End Customer for every sale of your product

We help acquire this data on a real-time basis from the Channel by a combination of Technology, Process and targeted Incentive models that drive Channel Partners to report this data to us.

We get data on End Customer Mobile Number with the Serial Number of the item sold with Data/Time of Sale. We call up this Customer within 30 minutes of the Sale and verify their details and also build up a Customer Profile.

You get a real-time dashboard of all Sales happening in a region tagged to Partner/Sale location, SKU, Serial Number and Customer Profile including Name, Mobile Number and other optional Customer information that the Customer may be happy to part with.

Now go figure what you can do with this information!

Clean, Verified Customer Database

You now have your own clean, profiled Customer Database with tagged transactions. You can now lay a foundation for tracking repeat purchases and purchase behavior in Customer. You now know your Customer Demography and Demand profiles.

Really, with this you pretty much get all the intelligence that forms the basis for your business – your Customers!

Create your own Customer Loyalty Programs

The moment you have a cleaned and profiled Customer Base, you can now lay the foundation for your own loyalty program.

Interact with the Customers directly via SMS & Emailer’s and drive them to their closest Channel Partner for special deals. Better business for Partners and you – better experience and deals for Customers.

Happier Partners

With profiled End Customer information, you can also tag Partners to Customers, encouraging them with custom deals only valid at their tagged Partner place.

Partners get Customer retention and repeat business and you enable your Channel incentive to perform and work with you towards enriching this common base for the common good.

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