Your Entire Channel on your fingertips – in Real Time
   Complete Channel Control on your fingertips with data driven Business Intelligence.Data that we have procured direct from the Channel. Data that is LIVE or near LIVE. Data that has been validated to 100% accuracy. Data that is granular to the level never before seen in the industry.
   ASMs can now go meet Partners with complete transactional history and performance reports on their mobile till the last minute – not go to Partner and then bargain for this data.
   Sales Managers can now target which areas to target their spend & schemes on based on real-time Sales visibility across a country or Geography.
   Category Managers can evaluate Product Placement strategies based on real-time Category driven Sales Intelligence updated by the minute on their Online dashboard. You now know WHAT is selling WHERE, WHEN, to WHO, for which PROGRAM - within a few minutes of the sale.
   You now know which regions are performing and the ones that are not.Know key stock aging points with some incredible BI visibility LIVE so you can plan clearance programs – fast!
   Review your best sellers on a DAILY basis and ensure that the Channel is well fed to achieve your top-lines. We get you this data – clean, fast & live - so you work on strategy equipped with reference data points, and not battling basic visibility every day.
Product Spread Intelligence
Understand Regional Product spread in graphical detail – literally! You can now see region-wise Product Sales categorized by Sales Channel, Partner Segment, Product Segment and Channel Tier. For a Day, Week, Month or Year.
Partner Performance & Incentives

Your best Partners need to be encouraged. Your average Partners need to be pushed. Your worst Partners need to be eliminated from the system. But how do you get this intelligence?

We equip you with some serious Partner and Channel Performance insights that allow you to take strategic decisions on Channel & Partner management on a daily basis, reallocate funds, optimize targets and incentivize the right Partners for the right products at the right time.

Dropping Market Share

We can transpose your Sales Performance with Industry benchmarks and give you proactive insights on dropping market share, sales, segments without participation, laggard Product Lines and much more.

This enables you to act in a targeted manner for each of these insights instead of wasting precious Marketing funds and Sales efforts for the wrong product in the wrong region at the wrong time.

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