Help Commercial Partners obtain Special Pricing for key Accounts & Leads

With fast depleting margins, competition from Online retailers, and ever diluted Customer Loyalty, it is not a good time to be a Commercial OEM Partner. In this challenging eco-system, a Commercial Partner needs the following incentives and benefits to perform:

  Quick & competitive special pricing offered to commercial leads.

  Guaranteed competitive prices so Customer is loyal to the Partner.

Not having these benefits leads to significantly lower Lead conversion and Account retention. Most OEMs today do not have systems and processes to be able to support large Commercial Partner communities on such support.

Channel Data Bridge’s Commercial Partner Special Bid service connects OEM Sales-Ops teams with Partners via a dedicated CRM and a dedicated Partner Support center which becomes the hub for national Special Pricing processing. We pick all Partner requests on Call, Email, Portal and run it through the OEM hierarchy (ASM/RM/ZM) via a SLA driven workflow and exception points ensuring that each Special Pricing request is fulfilled within 24 hours or a custom SLA as set by the OEM.

Partners get a Special Price response within 24 hours and the Lead is closed with a drastically higher conversion rate.

Dedicated Partner Support Centre

Your Partner gets a Special Pricing enquiry from a new Commercial Lead.

He simply places this special pricing request on the CDB system via a phone call to our Support Analysts or via a simple email to us. We sieve this request according to established business rules, eliminate false requests and then forward genuine requests to the relevant authority within the OEM via Email and Portal access.

You then say Yes, No or enter a more acceptable special pricing which then gets instantly emailed and SMSed to the Partner who follows up with the Lead and closes the deal quickly.

Guaranteed Turn-around SLA within 24 Hours

The entire Special Pricing wokflow is governed by a defined SLA at all levels. If a request has not been attended to within a specific period from within the OEM, then this gets escalated to Senior Management & Leadership for intervention and immediate closure.

We, on our side, ensure that Partner connect is always closed within defined operational SLAs in terms of entering a Partner request and communicating decision outcome on the request back.

Plug Lost Opportunity Leakage by over 50%

With this service, you will be able to convert at least 50% of your current Special Pricing requests which otherwise gets lost due to delays in responding or non-response.

This means establishment of significantly higher number of Commercial Accounts, especially on the SMB side which shore up your Customer base and revenue funnel over the long term.

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