Install Base Discovery, Validation, Simulation & Analytics

Install Base is the cornerstone of any product business. Your Install Base is your base for loyalty, repeat business, cross selling, and ancillary consumable business.

But most Product Companies do not have a clean Install Base database. Which is the problem.

We help you access the veracity of your available Install Base data, spot gaps and identify issues. We simulate product retirement rates, customer inactivity data and many related data-points to help you come to terms with your exact Install Base knowledge deficiency.

And then we start solving the problem with you.

We simulate actionable gap data cuts which allow you to focus on cleansing and discovering your Install Base. We help in Customer Call-Outs which help profile current install base with incentives in place for Customers to help us with this information.

We help with mobile apps for your field force to go out to gap areas and do a field reconnaissance on Install Base in your Enterprise Customer locations.

We keep updating, enriching and renewing your Install Base database till it reaches our gold-standard of cleanliness. Then we ensure you are fully equipped with systems and processes to maintain this information going ahead.

Install Base Data Analytics
We work with whatever data you have as a starting point. We bring together Sell-Out, Sell-Thru, Service Records, tagged Consumable data amongst others to help us arrive at a starting point to solving the problem.
Your first Install Base Database
Our industry veterans then apply custom simulations to evaluate Install Base veracity using a variety of metrics including Product Retirement Rates, Inactive Customer activity for Consumables, New Sale trends for existing Customers and more to evaluate the exact maturity of your Install Base and gap analysis of how to fix the problem.
The Clean Up – Install Base Discovery

The difficult part! But we make it easy. We provide Customer Contact Services by which we speak to your Customers and profile their current install base.

We offer mobile apps to your field service force using which they can update the Install Base every time they visit a Customer location – something that continually keeps cleansing the Install Base.

We link Key Transactional events in your company to update a change in the Install Base. This means for every hardware sale, recall, consumable sale, product return, customer location update and many more such events, the Install Base is updated with the requisite change to ensure a high degree of cleanliness going forward.

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