Live Store Sales Activity Tracking, Sales Reporting & End Customer Profiling

Your In-Store Promoters or Demonstrators are your eyes on the ground in Large Format / Modern Retail. They enjoy direct Customer connect and Sales visibility in LFR stores. They can make or break sales, provide precious ground level intelligence and push powerful end-Customer contact and profiling.

But most of the time, this promised is not realized. Promoters can be seen loitering in stores with poor attendance, minimum Customer connect and non-existent data reporting.

Channel Data Bridge’s Large Format Retail Suite allows complete end-to-end tracking of LFR Store Promoters or In-Store Demonstrators.

With a mobile-driven solution, you can now track when your Sales Force reports to a store and get an instant update on all Customer Interactions. ISDs can electronically report Sales with ISDs can electronically report Sales with Serial Numbers and instant Customer Profiling for Warranty establishment.

In Store Promoter Attendance with Tracking
Track your In-Store Demonstrator/Promoters attendance with geo-tracking. You will now know electronically controlled live attendance status in stores across geographies with GPS driven validation in countries where we have Mobile Operator tie-ups.
Live Sell-Out Reporting with Serial Number
Enable your In-Store Demonstrators/Promoters to report each sale from their store with a Serial Number and End Customer detail. This priceless information, auto tagged with Date/Time and Store ID/Location helps you manage your Sell-Out with Live precision.
Live Customer Profiling for every Sale

Enable your In-Store Demonstrators/Promoters to profile each Customer in detail and electronically submit this information in real-time via the CDB mobile app.

Alternatively, just acquire Customer Name and mobile number and the CDB Contact team will do a Customer outreach and profile in detail as an offline process conducted within an hour from the time of sale.

Instant Warranty Creation

Over 50% of high-value products today still do not have active Warranty Management. Most warranties are inferred from Sell-Thru dates and not have any correlation with the actual date of end customer sale.

But why is this? This is because it is difficult to track the Sell-Out of a Channel with a Serial Number + Customer ID Key.

Channel Data Bridge solves this problem and enables Live Sell-Out reporting with End Customer details for instant Warranty creation and Database management for a variety of downstream engagement & post sales initiatives.

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