Tier 1 to Final Tier | Design / publish Programs & Schemes that Deliver Results

Channels work on Incentives. This is common knowledge.

Actually, Channels work on the right Incentive model - at the right time of the year - for the right products/product lines - for the right margins - for the right customers and at the right Channel Tier.

Challenging right?

Bytech has been helping large OEMs with Channel Incentives and Program Design from Tier 1 to Final Tier ensuring targeted and exceptionally high ROI on your Incentive spend. We combine our Consulting experience with our benchmark Channel Programs systems providing OEMs with a one-point solution for all their Channel Programs.

Our Cloud Based Programs Design and Management platform allows an internal workflow bringing together Sales-Ops and Finance stakeholders to create new Program templates, circulate in an authorization workflow, make changes across the way till a Program is fully approved. Program templates are very detailed and includes clear specification of Program Details, coverage in terms of Product and Channel, as well as spend estimates in $.

We follow this up with our industry benchmarked Channel Data Collection process which tags each Channel Transaction (at the Sell-In, Sell-Out or Sell-Thru level) with the exact applicable Program or Incentive Scheme and arrives at detailed outcome for each of your Programs for each applicable Partner with solid data backing up every $ of your payouts.

Up-Front Discounts or Rebates

Upfront discounts work for some industries and Rebates work for others. Whichever model works for you works for us.

Create your own custom model targeted at each Transaction Tier, Region, Segment, Product Line & Partner Profile.

Sell-In, Sell-Thru or Sell-Out Programs

Sell-In, Sell-Out or Sell-Thru Programs targeted at National Distributors, Wholesalers, Resellers, Retailers and more.

We’ve got all possibilities covered end-to-end. Create your programs the way they work for you.

Product Line or SKU based Programs
You can have Programs targeted for a particular Product Line, or a specific SKU when your sales profile is driven by bestseller volume.
Price & Stock Protection Programs

While the Industry slowly moves towards Sell-Out based Programs and Incentives, a number of traditional Channel setups have Price & Stock protection Programs.

We help with design and deployment of these programs with a far more accurate evaluation of payouts under these normally complex schemes.

Seasonal Stock Clearance Programs

With Sales cycles becoming shorter & shorter, you need to clear stock before you enter into a new product season.

Get Stock clearance programs up and running quickly before the season is over and ensure that your shelves are clear to get new products at the start of every product cycle or purchase season.

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